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Green Spell Candles Spell Candles
$1.20 variants
Black Spell Candles Black
VGCSBlack $1.20
Spell Candles White
VGCSWhite $1.20
Green Spell Candles Green
VGCSGreen $1.20
Spell Candles Blue
VGCSBlue $1.20
Spell Candles Pink
VGCSPink $1.20
Spell Candles Red
VGCSRed $1.20
Green Spell Candles Brown
VGCSBrown $1.20
Spell Candles Orange
VGCSOrange $1.20
Spell Candles Purple
VGCSPurple $1.20
Spell Candles Yellow
VGCSYellow $1.20
Rose Petals dried bag 10g Rose Petals 10g

11698 $3.95
Dried Lavender Flowers Lavender Flowers Dried

12203 $4.20
Palo Santo Wood Palo Santo Wood
from $2.90 variants
Palo Santo Burning Each
VGPaloSanto1 $2.90
Palo Santo Wood Bundle of 3
VGPaloSantoB $6.90
Frankincense Resin Frankincense Resin

Mugwort Mugwort

11975 $5.95
Dried Patchouli Patchouli Dried

11736 $5.95
Citrine Tumbled Citrine tumbled stones

VGCTCitrine $4.00
Myrhh Myrrh Resin

12202 $6.90
Elderflower Elderflower

12677 $5.95
Victorian Library Candle 150g Victorian Library Candle
from $24.90 variants
Victorian Library 150g Candles 150g Wood Wick
VGC150Library $24.90
Bloodstone Tumbled Bloodstone tumbled

10926 $4.00
Hekate Goddess Candles 150g Hekate Goddess Candle
from $24.90 variants
Hekate Goddess Candle 150g Wood Wick
VGC150Hekate $24.90
Hekate Goddess Candle 200g 200g Amber Glass Jar Wood Wick
VGC200Hekate $28.90
Dried Worwood bag Wormwood

12280 $4.95
Black Obsidian Tumbled Black Obsidian Tumbled

11876 $4.00
Air Element Candle A Element Candles
$26.90 variants
Air Element Candle A Air Element Candle
VGC200TAir $26.90
Element Candles Fire Element Candle
Element Candles Water Element Candle
VGCTWater $26.90
Element Candles Earth Element Candle
VGCTEarth $26.90
Air Element Candle A Spirit Element Candle
VGCTSpirit $26.90
Void Element Candle Void Element Candle
VGCTVoid $26.90
Crescent Moon Altar Bell Crescent Moon Altar Bell

Witch's besom small black handle Besom
$9.95 variants
Witch besom small yellow Yellow
Beginner Witch Box Beginner Witch Box

Triple crescent moon crystal stand Crescent Moon Crystal Stand

The Morrigan Bronze Finish Statue The Morrigan Goddess Statue

Star candle Holder Star Candle Holder Small

VGCHStar $4.50
Exotic Goddess Perfume Oil 15g Exotic Goddess Perfume

VGPExoticG $18.90
Dried Agrimony 20g Agrimony Dried Herb

12576 $6.95
Heather Flowers up close Heather Flowers

VGHHeather $6.95
Forest Witch Candles 150g Forest Witch Candles
from $18.90 variants
Forest Witch 200g candle 200g Amber Glass Jar Wood Wick
Forest witch tin candle 180g Tin
Forest Witch Wood Wick 150g candle 150g Wood Wick
Gothic Keys Vintage Look Aged Gothic Keys

12496 $35.90
Banish Spell Kit A Banish Spell Kit

VGSBanish $25.90
Brass Egyptian Ankh Brass Egyptian Ankh
from $24.90 variants
Brass Egyptian Ankh Large
VGAnkhL $32.90
Brass Egyptian Ankh Small
VGAnkhS $24.90
Wood Betony Bag Wood Betony

12675 $4.95
Dark Moon Candle Dark Moon Candle

VGC150DarkMoon $24.90
Aphrodite Goddess Candles 150g Aphrodite Goddess Candle 150g
from $19.90 variants
Aphrodite Goddess Candles 150g 150g
VGC150Aphrodite $24.90
Aphrodite Candle 150g 200g
VGC200Aphrodite $28.90
Aphrodite Goddess Candles 150g 180g Tin
VGC180Aphrodite $19.90
The Morrigan Candles 150g The Morrigan Goddess Candle
from $19.90 variants
The Morrigan Candles 150g 150g
The Morrigan Goddess Candles 200g 200g
VGC200Morrigan $28.90
The Morrigan Candle Tin Tin 180g
VGCTMorrigan $19.90
Tigers Eye Tumbled Tigers-Eye Tumbled

11869 $4.00
Black Leather Pentagram Journal Black Leather Pentagram Journal

VGJBLPent $39.95
Spiritual Cleanse Spray Spiritual Cleanse Spray

VGSPCleanse $25.90
Full Moon Candle Full Moon Candle
from $24.90 variants
Full Moon Candles 150g 150g
VGC150FullMoon $24.90
Full Moon Candle 200g
VGC200FullMoon $28.90
Gaia Goddess Soy Candle Gaia Goddess Candle
from $24.90 variants
Gaia Goddess Candles 150g 150g Wood Wick
VGC150Gaia $24.90
Gaia Goddess Soy Candle 200g Wood Wick
VGC150Gaia-2 $28.90
Gaia Candle tin Tin
Freya Candle Freya Goddess Candle
from $24.90 variants
Freya Goddess Candle 150g Wood Wick 150g Wood Wick
VGC150Freya $24.90
Witch's Cottage Candle 150g Witch's Cottage Candle

VGC150WitchCottage $24.90
Lilith Goddess Candles 150g Lilith Goddess Candle

VGC150Lilith $24.90
Safflower Petals Safflower Petals Organic

Magickal essense spray 50ml Magick Essence Spray

11450 $34.95
Copal Incense Banjara Incense
$3.00 variants
Arruda Rue Incense Arruda Rue
VGIBArrudaRue $3.00
Benzoin Incense Benzoin
VGIBBenzoin $3.00
Cerdarwood Cedarwood
VGIBCedarwood $3.00
Cinnamon Incense Cinnamon
VGIBCinnamon $3.00
Copal Incense Copal
VGIBCopal $3.00
Banjara Incense Frankincense
VGIBFrankincense $3.00
Myrrh Incense Myrrh
VGIBMyrrh $3.00
Copal Incense Nag Champa
VGIBNagChampa $3.00
Copal Incense Palo Santo
VGIBPaloSanto $3.00
Copal Incense Patchouli
VGIBPatchouli $3.00
Copal Incense Sandalwood
VGIBSandalwood $3.00
Copal Incense Sweetgrass
VGIBSweetgrass $3.00
Copal Incense White Sage
VGIBWhiteSage $3.00
Copal Incense Wild Rose
VGIBWildRose $3.00
Mother Earth Statue Outdoors Mother Earth Goddess Statue

Brigid Bronze finish Statue Brigid Goddess Statue

C5084 $189.95
Scullcap dried bag Scullcap

Dried Alfalfa Alfalfa Leaves

12245 $4.95
Edgar Allan Poe Candles Edgar Allan Poe Candle

VGCEdgAllanP $24.90
Anubis Candle Anubis Candle 150g

VGC150Anubis $24.90
Love Spell Kit A Love Spell Kit

VGSKLove $25.90
Amla Berries dried Amla Berries

AmlaBerriesOrDefaultTitle $5.95
Brides of Dracula candles Brides of Dracula Candle 150g

VGC150BridesDrac $24.90
Count Dracula Candles Count Dracula Candle

VGC150Dracula $24.90
Victorian Rose Candles Victorian Rose Candle

VGC150VicRose $24.90
Wholistic Witchcraft Wholistic Witchcraft

AUSTRALIAN WHITE SAGE Organic Australian Grown White Sage

Goddess Box Goddess Box
$69.00 variants
Aphrodite Goddess Box Aphrodite
VGGBMAphrodite $69.00
Artemis Goddess Box Artemis
VGGBMArtemis $69.00
Athena Goddess Box Athena
VGGBMAthena $69.00
Goddess Box Bastet
Goddess Box Brigid
Goddess Box Cerredwen
Goddess Box Durga
Goddess Box Freya
Goddess Box Gaia
Goddess Box Hekate
Goddess Box Hel
Goddess Box Hestia
Goddess Box Isis
Goddess Box Kali
Goddess Box Kuan Yin
Goddess Box Lakshmi
Goddess Box Lilith
Goddess Box Medusa
Goddess Box Persephone
Goddess Box Sekhmet
Goddess Box The Morrigan
Circle of Eight by Jane Meredith Circle of Eight

VGBCircleofEight $27.90
Faery candles 150g Faery Candle

VGC150Faery $24.90
Lakshmi Goddess Candles 200g Lakshmi Goddess Candle
from $24.90 variants
Lakshmi Goddess Candles 150G
VGC150Lakshmi $24.90
Lakshmi Goddess Candles 200g 200G
VGC200Lakshmi $28.90
Aphrodite Perfume Oil Aphrodite Goddess Perfume Roll-on

VGPAphrodi $18.90
Entering Hekates Garden book Entering Hekate's Garden

Black Vintage Key leather Journal Black Key Detail Leather Journal

Odin Candle Odin Candle

VGC150Odin $24.90
Elen of the ways Elen of The Ways Statue

VGStElen $159.90
Freya Goddess statue Freya Goddess Statue

VGSFREYA $159.95
Job's Tears Job's Tears

Isis Goddess Statue Isis Goddess Statue

VGSISIS $179.00
Book of Shadows and Light Book of Shadows and Light Journal

Gift Voucher Gift Voucher
from $10.00 variants
Gift Voucher $10.00 AUD
GiftCard1000AUD $10.00