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Circle of Eight

"Circle of Eight" is a book by Jane Meredith that explores the practice of creating and holding a sacred circle in the context of ritual and ceremony. The book is based on the Wheel of the Year, a Pagan concept that divides the year into eight seasonal festivals or sabbats.

Throughout the book, Meredith guides the reader through the process of creating a sacred circle, exploring the symbolism and practical aspects of this practice. She provides a wealth of information on the history, their significance in different cultures, and the various ways they can be used.

Meredith draws on her own experiences and those of other practitioners to offer practical advice, exercises, and rituals. The book covers topics such as altars, incense, music, and movement, as well as the role of the elements, deities, ancestors, and spirit guides in circle work.

Jane Meredith offers readers a comprehensive guide to creating a sacred circle and tapping into its transformative power. Her deep knowledge of circle magic and rituals and her clear and engaging writing style make this book a valuable resource for those interested in exploring this ancient practice.

This book discusses:

  • The roles of the elements, deities, ancestors, and spirit guides in circle work
  • The history and significance 
  • Creating and preparing the space 
  • The Wheel of the Year and its eight seasonal festivals or sabbats
  • Exercises and rituals for creating and holding a circle
  • Deepening connections to the natural world, spirituality, and inner wisdom through it

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