Malachite is a powerful and versatile gemstone with a rich history of metaphysical properties. The vibrant green colour and swirling patterns make it a striking addition to any collection. Malachite's true power lies in its ability to balance and heal the mind, body, and spirit.

One of the most prominent benefits of Malachite is its ability to open and activate the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and restoring balance to relationships. It aids in meditation and spiritual growth, allowing the wearer to connect with higher realms of consciousness and spiritual beings.

Physical healing properties of malachite include its ability to alleviate arthritis symptoms, boost the immune system, and aid in detoxification. It is also believed to be effective in treating respiratory ailments and easing menstrual cramps.

In addition to its healing properties, malachite is a powerful protector against negative energy and electromagnetic pollution. Malachite is said to absorb negative energy from the environment, making it a popular choice for use in homes and workplaces.

Overall, malachite is a gemstone with many powerful metaphysical properties. Malachite can help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential, whether you seek emotional healing, physical well-being, or spiritual growth.


Planet: Jupiter and Venus
Astrological: Capricorn and Scorpio
Chakra: Heart
Element: Earth

• Abundance
• Balance
• Creativity
• Grounding
• Healing
• Heart Healing
• Protection
• Travel
• Vitality