About Us

About Us

We represent The Goddess! In all her forms and from every corner of the world. Our goal is to Empower through Magick! by coaching and supporting our customers on their journey of reconnecting to the Divine Feminine.

For far too long, the Goddess was renamed, subdued, hidden, and portrayed as evil or insignificant. We are so blessed to be alive at a beautiful time of remembering what we have always known. The feminine is in us all, birthing and creating all the time.

This ancient knowledge is part of our DNA. All we have to do is acknowledge and heal.

Part of the re-awakening of The Goddess is the re-emergence of Witchcraft.
Witchcraft is not to be feared. It is a way of life that can be fulfilling and healing to ourselves and our planet.
We aim to offer guidance and support to those on their magickal journey by providing our customers with the tools to learn about and practice magick and Witchcraft.

Victorian Goddess Products

Our products are of high quality, and we constantly work to improve and expand our range. At Victorian Goddess, we have our line of products magickally hand-crafted by us. We support other small businesses and artists and source products ethically wherever possible.

Added to the products we sell, we offer support and guidance. Just pop into our shop to have a chat. A Bit of our History
Victorian Goddess started in 2014 as a small business making and selling spiritual products at markets in Melbourne. We moved to the beautiful, healing caldera in the Northern Rivers of NSW in 2018, where we opened our very own little store in Murwillumbah, and in 2019 we expanded to offer our products online.
Why the name Victorian Goddess? We are a part of the Divine Feminine and need guidance to rebuild that relationship.
Victorian is because of my love of the style of dress and literature of the Victorian era.
We want the experience of shopping with us and using our products to empower our customers and ignite a passion for living a human existence.


Growing up, I was always aware of the existence of powers outside our human existence and yet a part of who we are. This awareness took me on a journey of discovery. As a child, Christianity was the only option in my area, so I went headlong into studying and researching this religion. Later in life, I was still searching, so I started studying other religions, which left more questions. When I picked up a book written about Witchcraft, I felt a connection. I had a powerful re-awakening response and was hooked, so I began an extensive study of Witchcraft and Goddess worship of ancient times.
I am a Practitioner of Magick, and my chosen path is Eclectic with an emphasis on Olde world magick. The Goddesses I work with are The Morrigan, Hekate, Bastet and Gaia, but I also work with other Goddesses when I feel called.

The absolute wonder and healing I have experienced on my Witchcraft path and Goddess work encouraged me to share it through opening Victorian Goddess and supplying customers with coaching, products and support related to Witchcraft, Magick and Spiritual Work.



Shelly Founder

Any information provided via our products or services is researched, practiced and based on the experience of Victorian Goddess Staff.
All our products are for external use only.
Always seek professional help for any serious issues