What We do

What We do

We aim to offer guidance and support to those on their magickal journey. Victorian Goddess does this by providing you with the tools to learn about and practice magick and Witchcraft.

These tools include:

  • Books
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards
  • Altar Tools
  • Herbs and Resins
  • Potions
  • Goddess Products
  • Essential Oils
  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Gothic and Ritual Clothing
  • Crystal and Symbolic Jewellery
  • Our very own Little Goddesses and Witches range
  • High-Quality Mythology Statues
  • and much more

Our products are Goddess Centred

Our business supports Goddess worship and the process of finding The Goddess within.

Goddess Worship dates back thousands of years but was sadly almost totally eradicated by later religions. 

The process disempowered the feminine. We are beautiful creations with many gifts to offer our universe. It is time that we step into our power and shine. This process will make our world a better place and make our Men happier. Imagine a world where our differences are celebrated instead of ridiculed.

Victorian Goddess supports this process and provides tools for creating change.

Victorian Goddess Products

Our products are of high-quality and we are constantly working to improve and expand our range. 

At Victorian Goddess, we support other small businesses and artists, and source products ethically wherever we can. We then pass these fine, high-quality products on to you at very reasonable prices.

Added to the products we sell, we offer support and guidance. Just pop in to our shop to have a chat.

Here is a little history

Victorian Goddess started in 2014 as a small business making and selling spiritual products at markets in Melbourne. We moved to the beautiful, healing caldera in the Northern Rivers of NSW in 2018, where we opened our very own little shop in Murwillumbah, and in 2019 we expanded to offer our products online.

Why the name Victorian Goddess? Goddess is because I have studied and revere old Goddess worship and Old Gods of Pagan origin. Victorian originates from my love of the style of dress and literature of the Victorian era.

I want the experience of shopping with us and using our products to empower and ignite the divine feminine within, male and female.


I have been a practising Witch for many years and my chosen path is Eclectic, with an emphasis on Olde world magick. I have always loved history and mythology, and this has enriched my practice and aided in my understanding of what our Ancestors practised. The absolute wonder and healing I have experienced on my Witchcraft path encouraged me to share it through opening Victorian Goddess and supplying customers with products and support related to Witchcraft, Magick and Spiritual Work.

I was always searching for what I knew deep inside, but it wasn't until I picked up a book on Witchcraft that I finally had a name for what I believed and had personally experienced. I hope to share my experience and provide practitioners of magick with the tools they need to grow

With Love


 Shelly Founder


Any information provided via our products or services are researched, or the experience of Victorian Goddess Staff only

All our products are for external use only

Always seek professional help for any serious issues