• Dried Agrimony Herb 20g bag

Agrimony Dried Herb

Dried Agrimony is an ancient herb that was used magickally and for healing physical ailments. Its scientific name is Agrimonia eupatoria. 



  • Gender: Masculine Energy
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Air


Magickal uses for Agrimony:

  • Agrimony is a powerful protection herb!
  • Hex-breaking
  • Banish negative energy
  • Psychic healing
  • Balance emotions
  • Use a little in your bath for a Ritual cleansing
  • Add to incense blends or charm bags
  • Use for potions
  • Blend with other herbs and oils to dress candles

This dried herb is a must-have in your Witchy Apothecary!



For External Use Only

For Agrimony dried herb's medicinal properties, consult a specialist.  




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