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Agrimony Dried Herb

Dried Agrimony, also known as Agrimonia eupatoria, is an ancient herb that has been used throughout history in traditional rituals, spiritual ceremonies, and even to treat physical ailments. Believed to bring good luck, harmony, and peace; purify any environment; protect against psychical and mental attacks; break curses or hexes; aid in lucid dreaming; and much more - this magical plant holds many mysteries.


For magickal purposes, you can create an incense blend with these herbs and burn them on charcoal to cleanse your space of negative energies. Other methods of using Agrimony in cleansing ceremonies include filling sachets with it or simply sprinkling some around your space for protection. Moreover, some cultures make salves or tinctures from Agrimony, which can be applied topically to the skin. 




  • Gender: Masculine Energy
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Air


Magickal uses for Agrimony:

  • Agrimony is a powerful protection herb!
  • Hex-breaking
  • Banish negative energy
  • Psychic abilities
  • Balance emotions
  • Use a little in your bath for a Ritual cleansing
  • Add to incense blends or charm bags
  • Use for potions
  • Blend with other herbs and oils to dress candles

This dried herb is a must-have in your Witchy Apothecary!



For External Use Only

For Agrimony dried herb's medicinal properties, consult a specialist.  




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