Spell Candles

The use of Spell candles is the easiest way to cast a spell. You can use a candle colour associated with the intended outcome, which adds its energy. Our little spell candles are High-Quality and non-toxic.

How to use Spell candles:

  • Burn on its own energising with your intention
  • Carve a sigil or intention into your candle using a skewer or simalr object before burning
  • Dress your candle in an oil or herb and oil blend to enhance its magick (Exercise caution when using this method, and always on a heat proof dish.)
  • Surround your candle with herbs to enhance your spell

Magickal Uses by colour.

  • Green - Well being, prosperity, fertility, luck, personal growth
  • Black - Protection, Purifying, Spiritual work, honouring Ancestors
  • Blue - Communication, friendship, forgiveness, calming
  • Orange - Protection, Purifying, Spiritual Work, Energy, Success
  • Pink - Love, well-being, romance, caring, femininity, self-love, well-being
  • Purple - Devotion, wealth, spirituality, well-being, psychic work
  • Red - Love, strength, success, courage, friendship, motivation
  • White - Peace, Purity, Faith, Hope, well-being, in honour of an ancestor or deity, can replace any other colour in a spell.
  • Yellow - Clarity, happiness, self-confidence and optimism
  • Brown - Earth, Abundance, Stability

Please note: The price is for One candle

The Spell candles burn time is approximately 90 Minutes.

Always exercise caution when using any candle product. Keep out of high traffic areas and away from children and pets. Burn your candle on a heatproof surface as a hot candle can damage surfaces.

Please note: Colour may vary from the screen image. 



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