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Alfalfa Leaves

Alfalfa Leaves or Medicago Sativa have a long history of use as a food for animals (also called Lucerne) and in Magick. As Alfalfa is a food, these dried herbs are perfect for prosperity spells.

You can use them in magickal and spiritual rituals to bring in positive energy, ward off evil spirits and hostile entities, attract wealth and abundance, enhance mental clarity and focus during spellcasting, cleanse and protect environments from negative energies, and encourage love and romance.

You can also incorporate them into charms, which can be used as amulets for protection or placed in ritual offerings. Burning alfalfa leaves is also known to create a powerful force field of protection. 


  • Gender: Feminine Energy
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth

Magickal uses for Alfalfa Leaves:

  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Fertility
  • Luck
  • In times of financial hardship
  • Use a little in your bath for a Ritual cleansing
  • Add to incense blends or charm bags
  • Use in potions
  • Put some in a glass jar in your pantry to ensure that your family will always have food
  • Put some in your wallet or purse
  • Blend with other herbs and oils to dress candles (always exercise caution when using this method)



For External Use Only

For Alfalfa Leaves medicinal properties, consult a specialist.  





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