Working with a Goddess

Working with a Goddess

If you're looking to add a bit of extra power and magic to your craft, then it might be good for you to start working with a goddess! There is something special about connecting with divine feminine energy, throwing yourself headlong into its protective embrace. You can discover so much about yourself when you work with these ancient deities – by honouring them in rituals or gaining insight from their wisdom. Working with a goddess allows us to tap into the depths of our inner spirit and go beyond any limitations we may have given ourselves in the past. It's an incredibly empowering experience that could transform your spiritual practice and life. In this blog post, I want to take you on a journey of exploring how witches can best connect and work with various goddesses. 

Choosing your Goddess

Choosing a goddess to work with is an intensely personal process. She will often make her presence known before you decide which goddess to choose. You may have vivid dreams or encounters with symbols and images associated with one goddess in particular. Once you've noticed the signs, it's time to do your research: read up on the goddess' story, meditate on what she stands for and determine if she is a good fit for you. Selecting a goddess who resonates strongly with you will help ensure that working together is a powerful and meaningful experience.

How to connect with her?

  • Connecting with a goddess can be an incredibly powerful experience. It begins with
  • Learn all you can about your Goddess, their powers, and the messages they bring.
  • Spend time engaging in activities that align with goddess energy, such as meditation, art, music and journaling.
  • Take part in rituals connecting to the Goddess.
  • Create an altar dedicated to the Goddess you would like to connect with, adorning it with objects representing her qualities.
  • Cultivating an atmosphere full of love and reverence.

Honour yourself by grounding and shielding before beginning your journey with the divine feminine — goddesses can provide deep insight into life’s path when honouring our connection with them.

What to expect from working with a Goddess?

Working with a goddess can be an entirely unique experience, filled with love, connection, learning and sometimes challenges. You can expect to receive glimpses of divine knowledge and profound insight. Goddesses typically display a deep level of courage, intuition, and strength which will likely inspire transformation in all areas of your life. Through this work, Goddesses often help people gain a higher understanding of the Universe, the spiritual realm, and their connection to the Divine. You can call on your Goddess when you need clarity, protection, or support.

Working with goddesses is sure to bring interesting realisations and powerful changes within yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to.

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