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  • Working with a Goddess

    Working with a Goddess If you're looking to add a bit of extra power and magic to your craft, then it might be good for you to start working with a goddess! There is something special about connecting with divine feminine energy, throwing yourself headlong into its protective embrace. You can dis... View Post
  • How to become a Witch?

    How to become a Witch? A Witch is, in essence, someone who works with the energy of the natural world and their own inner power to create change for themselves and others. So most of us are already witches before we label ourselves. Witchcraft is a path of self-discovery, growth and empowerment. ... View Post
  • What is a Witch

    WHAT IS A WITCH? There are many definitions of what a Witch is, it is said that if you ask a room full of Witches, you will get a room full of different definitions. A Witch works with energy, the cycles, seasons and subtle changes within and without. Most witches are deeply connected to Nature, ... View Post