Aries Season

Welcome to Aries Season!

Aries is a fiery astrological sign with the symbol of a ram and falls under the fire element. People born under Aries are active, ambitious, and courageous, desiring to take on challenges and live a life of excitement. They are natural-born leaders who strive for excellence in their pursuits. Aries season is from 21 March to 19 April. Aries natives tend to be highly independent, direct, and slightly rash in their behaviour. Though their impulsiveness can get them into trouble, Aries are incredibly driven individuals who will stop at nothing to reach the top and prove themselves. They also have a strong sense of justice and a natural charisma that people find attractive. Overall, Aries is a sign of passionate energy and a go-getter attitude.

For those born under Aries, the planet Mars is their ruling celestial body, which determines their strength and courage. This planet gives them an almost unmatched determination, allowing them to accomplish whatever goals they set out for themselves. Additionally, the influence of Mars imbues a sense of competitiveness and a desire for success that is unique to Aries. While it can often seem intimidating to others, this ambition helps Aries achieve great things in life.



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