• Women of Science Tarot

Women of Science Tarot

Revolutionise the way you perceive the world around you with the Women of Science Tarot.

This meticulously crafted tarot deck celebrates the legacy of groundbreaking women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Intertwining the rich history of science with the timeless art of tarot reading.

Key Features of the Women of Science Tarot Deck:

  • Inspirational Figures: The 56 Minor Arcana cards are beautifully adorned with illustrations of influential women who have made significant contributions to science.
  • Scientific Concepts: The Major Arcana cards feature fundamental scientific concepts such as extinction, diversity, and gravity. Providing a unique lens through which to interpret the cards and your connection to the universe.
  • Guidebook Included: Each deck has a comprehensive guidebook containing detailed biographies of the featured scientists and explanations of the scientific principles, Inviting you to explore a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Art by Matteo Farinella: Neuroscientist and comic artist Matteo Farinella's vibrant illustrations bring each card to life, Capturing the essence of each scientist and concept with artistic flair.

The Women of Science Tarot celebrates achievement, a nod to the past, and hopeful gazes into future possibilities. Whether you're an avid tarot reader, a lover of science, or a supporter of women's profound impact in STEM, this deck will be a constant reminder of where curiosity, dedication, and knowledge can lead us.

Gather around the table, shuffle the cards, and unravel stories of success, struggles, and the stars with every spread. Order your Women of Science Tarot today and channel the spirits of the most remarkable scientists as you divine your path towards enlightenment and discovery.


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