• Witches: The History of a Persecution

Witches: The History of a Persecution

Unlock the shadowy past of one of history's darkest chapters with Nigel Cawthorne's gripping account, "Witches: The History of a Persecution".

This exhaustive exploration sheds light on a period of extreme human cruelty and superstition from 1450 to 1750. This was a time when mere accusations could ignite widespread witch hunts. This led to brutal tortures and the execution of an estimated one hundred thousand individuals.

History: The History of a Persecution Includes:

  • Heart-wrenching first-hand accounts: Drawn from historical letters and trial testimonies, Cawthorne exposes the raw human emotion and tragic experiences of those who suffered under the accusation of witchcraft. Delve into the chilling narratives of those labelled as witches alongside confessions extracted by agony and fear.
  • Biographic tales of notorious figures: Immerse yourself in the biographic intricacies of infamous witch hunters. Matthew Hopkins, notorious for his title "Witchfinder General". Hopkins, a name synonymous with zealotry and death, orchestrated the demise of countless lives in his cruel crusade against supposed devil-worshippers.
  • Famous trials unveiled: Through detailed accounts, experience the frenzy of infamous witch trials. From the ghastly proceedings at Chelmsford to the hysteria of Salem. Each narrative unfolds the desperation and panic that enveloped societies across Europe and America, leading to acts of unspeakable violence.
  • Unflinching historical analysis: Nigel Cawthorne's unwavering narration takes you through misogyny, religious fanaticism, and paranoia. A mirror held up to the faces of power and oppression. This book does more than recount history. It dares to dissect the psychology behind the cruelty.
  • A warning from history: "Witches: The History of a Persection" serves as a chronicle of persecution and a formidable reminder of what can occur when ignorance and power converge. This comprehensive examination examines these heinous events to reveal the societal undercurrents that fuelled such relentless pursuits.

Please note: This book contains content of a violent and sexual nature, reflecting the brutal reality of its subject matter. Reader discretion is advised, and the book is not suitable for younger readers.

Learn from the past, understand the present and hope for a more enlightened future by exploring "Witches: The History of a Persecution." Bring this pivotal examination of human history to your bookshelf today.

  • Paperback
  • 240 Pages

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