• Wild Magic by Danu Forest

Wild Magic

Step into enchantment and natural wisdom with "Wild Magic," by Danu Forest.

This compelling book unlocks the secrets of ancient Celtic traditions. It reconnects you with the vibrant tapestry of life that pulses beneath the surface of our Wi-Fi-cloaked existence.

Brimming with a potent combination of faerie folklore, green whispers, ancestral veneration, and earth-centric spirituality, "Wild Magic" is an essential guide for those yearning to forge a profound bond with the hidden layers of the land. It holds the keys to a trove of spiritual encounters that promise to redefine your understanding of the world around you.

Key Features:

  • Celtic Wisdom: Immerse yourself in the time-honoured practices and beliefs rooted in Celtic lore.
  • Engaging Meditations: Dozens of guided imaginations offer passage into the heart of the natural world, enabling personal growth and spiritual exploration.
  • Practical Exercises: Step beyond theory with hands-on activities that conjure a vivid connection to natural energies.
  • Spiritual Kinship: Learn to communicate with animal guides and plant spirits, allowing their essence to inform and transform your reality.
  • Tidal Forces: Harmonise your spirit with the ebbs and flows of the elements, celestial bodies, and seasons.
  • Herbal Magic & Traditional Fires: Rekindle the lore of herbalism and fire-craft, harking back to times when these skills were the lifeblood of connection to nature.

Transform your perspective on existence with the practical enchantments in "Wild Magic." This intriguing book serves as a gateway to the otherworldly realms unfettered by the constraints of modern life.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
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