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Vlad Dracula Tarot

Immerse yourself in the shadowy tales of history and mystery with the Vlad Dracula Tarot. A 78-card tarot deck that transcends time to bring you face-to-face with one of history's most notorious figures, Vlad the Impaler.

This is a portal to the past, an artistic exploration, and a divination tool woven into a compelling narrative of a ruler whose legacy has captivated the world for centuries.


  • Meticulously Crafted Artwork: Each card is a masterpiece birthed from the intricate woodcuts of Russian artist Nikita Vuimin. In collaboration with Travis McHenry, a celebrated occultist and author of famed decks like the Occult Tarot and Angel Tarot. The Vlad Dracula Tarot boasts illustrations that immerse you in the darkness and drama surrounding the life of the real Dracula.
  • Divination Meets History: Every stroke and line resonates with ancient lore's power. The 78 cards, corresponding to traditional tarot archetypes, are matched evocatively with moments from Vlad Dracula's life. Each card doubles as a historical chronicle and a mirror to the soul, inviting you to uncover the secrets that linger in the shadows of your psyche.
  • Esoteric Richness: Beyond the provocative artwork, the Vlad Dracula Tarot is a compendium of astrological and occult insights. The accompanying booklet is your grimoire. It is a symbolic vessel of celestial and arcane energies.
  • Macabre Elegance: The deck embraces its morbid roots with pride, serving not only as a functional and accurate tool for divination but also as a celebration of gothic artistry. Whether used for performing readings, as a focal point for meditation, or as a collector's piece, the Vlad Dracula Tarot Deck invites a chilling air of nobility into your space.
  • A Complete Experience: Within the tarot community, this deck stands out as a conversation piece, a learning experience, and an object of fascination. It's a tool for seasoned tarot readers, a delight for history buffs, and a treasure for those who revel in the darker side of art and storytelling.

Answer the call of the night. Draw forth the cards from the Vlad Dracula Tarot and peer into the past, understand the present, and predict what shadows may lie ahead. Keep the legend alive! Carry on the spirit of Vlad the Impaler with each spread, each story you unfold, and each mystery you unveil.

Step into Vlad's world if you dare...

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