Valkyrie's Flight Statue

Immerse yourself in the mythic splendour of Norse legend with the majestic Valkyries Flight Statue.

This figurine is an awe-inspiring tribute to the powerful Valkyrie. This piece echoes the ancient tales of battleground valour and the sacred selection of fallen warriors destined for Valhalla.

Expertly cast in the finest resin to capture every intricate detail, the Valkyries Flight Statue is completed with a sophisticated bronzed finish. The bronze hues lend it an air of antique gravitas—perfect for anyone with a penchant for history, mythology, or a distinguished aesthetic.

She wields a mighty shield in her left hand, which serves as an emblem of protection and strength. Meanwhile, her right-hand grasps a spear, a symbol of her power to determine the fate of warriors in battle. Her poised demeanour and watchful gaze capture the essence of her legendary role—to choose who will live on to claim glory and who will be honoured in the afterlife of Valhalla.

Standing at 23.5cm in height, she is a commanding presence in any room, office, or collection. Whether you're an enthusiast of Viking culture, a mythological art connoisseur, or simply searching for an object that radiates an aura of endurance and honour, the Valkyries Flight Statue is the perfect addition to your collection.

Key Features:

  • Bronzed Finish: A lustrous bronzed coating over the finest resin grants this statue an esteemed, antique look.
  • Exquisite Detail: The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every aspect, from her delicate winged helmet to the shield.
  • Viking Legacy: This statue is steeped in Norse legend, embodying the spirit of the Valkyrie and the tales of heroic feats.
  • Ideal Size: At 23.5cm in height, it's substantial enough to make a statement while fitting seamlessly into any display space.
  • Gift-worthy: Given its remarkable artistry and rich symbolism, the Valkyries Flight Statue is an impressive gift for collectors and Viking enthusiasts.

Celebrate the powerful narrative of Norse lore with the Valkyries Flight Statue — a timeless piece that will bring myth and tradition to life in your very own abode.


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