• True Magick by Amber K

True Magick

Discover the enchanting world of magick with the anniversary edition of Amber K's iconic "little green book," True Magick.

With over 200,000 copies sold, this timeless guide has been the compass for Witches, Pagans, and magicians on their spiritual paths. Now, it returns, revised, expanded, and more powerful than ever.

True Magick has illuminated the mysterious corridors of magickal practice with warmth and clarity for fifteen years. This anniversary edition celebrates the book's legacy by preserving the heartfelt introduction to magick's history and lore while introducing a spectrum of magickal traditions.

From the raw, earthy connections of shamanism to the disciplined arcane arts of Qabala, Amber K casts light on practices once cloaked in secrecy. Explore the rhythmic energies of Norse Magick, or elevate your spirit with the otherworldly realm of Voudun.

This new True Magick is not just a reflection of the past; it is a book of growth. It comprises six additional chapters packed with wisdom, reading suggestions for further exploration, and over 100 practical exercises to hone your craft. Every page is an invitation to cultivate your magickal skills responsibly and ethically.

Within the revised chapters, you'll find comprehensive guidance on how to:
  • Select or handcraft your ritual tools
  • Designate a sacred temple space in your environment
  • Strategize and execute impactful rituals
  • Cast spells that resonate with integrity and purpose

The magick within these pages is alive and beckoning. Whether you're a seasoned spell caster or new to the circle. True Magick will guide you towards a deeper understanding of the mystical forces that shape our lives. The green whispers of the Earth, the cosmos' surging tides, and the divine's dancing flames all await within.

  • Paperback
  • 360 Pages
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