• The Wit's Book of Potions

The Witch's Book of Potions

Discover the world of potion-making with Michael Furie's spellbinding guide, The Witch's Book of Potions.

Crafted for modern witches and magical practitioners, this comprehensive potion book demystifies the arcane arts and invites you into a realm where magic meets practicality.

Each potion recipe is carefully formulated with ingredients that are easily accessible in any local food market. Ensuring you can begin your magical practices without an exhaustive and esoteric shopping list. Intuitively categorised for convenience and ease of reference, you'll find potions designed to:

  • Enhance Psychic Abilities: Unlock your intuition's and psychic senses' hidden depths with tailored concoctions.
  • Celebrate Sabbats: Honour the Wheel of the Year with potions complementing each Sabbat, deepening your connection to seasonal energies.
  • Harness Astrological Power: Align your potion work with the cosmic dance of the planets and zodiac signs for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Promote Wellness: Elixirs that rejuvenate the body, soothe the spirit and promote overall well-being.
  • Invite Prosperity: Attract abundance in various forms – luck, wealth, or opportunity.

Michael Furie's expert guidance offers a seamless blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary methods. Each concoction not only carries potent magical properties but also ensures safe and enjoyable experiences for practitioners of all levels.

  • Paperback
  • 272 Pages


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