• The Witch Belongs to the World by Fio Gede Parma
  • The Witch Belongs to the World

The Witch Belongs to the World

Immerse yourself in realm of Witchcraft with Fio Gede Parma's enthralling guide, The Witch Belongs to the World.

Crafted as a love letter to the arcane arts, this beautiful tome offers knowledge and a profound connection with the Witch's path. A Crooked Road filled with wonder, wisdom, and enchantment.

Key Features:
  • Lyrical Narratives: Each page is woven with poetic lines that resonate deeply with those called to the esoteric lifestyles
  • Stunning Photography: Accompanied by arresting images. This book doesn't just tell you about the magic, it shows you the allure, drawing you closer to the Witch's World.
  • Practical Workings: Go beyond the theoretical as each chapter includes practical workings that you can integrate into your daily rituals. Fostering a hands-on understanding and appreciation of the craft.
  • Interactive Chapters: Engage in a dialogue with your inner magick through exercises to help you recognize your power, face inner shadows, and form bonds with the otherworldly.
  • Empowering Guidance: Fio Gede Parma is a confidant and mentor, guiding you through personal rebirth and transformation with heartfelt advice and encouraging whispers.
  • Personal Growth: Learn to harness Witchcraft as a tool for self-exploration and healing, igniting personal growth as you sing yourself back to life.
  • Spiritual Pacts: Delve into the delicate art of making pacts with spirits and gods, learning to walk in harmony with forces greater than oneself.

The Witch Belongs to the World is more than a book—it's a companion for those who seek to tap into their inherent magic and live authentically with the rhythms of nature. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your path, these pages offer solace, inspiration, and practical wisdom to aid you in capturing the wild heart of Witchcraft.

  • Paperback
  • 336 Pages
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