• The Pythonic Tarot
  • Pythonic Tarot by Jessica Shaw

The Pythonic Tarot

Emerge into the magical world of tarot reading with The Pythonic Tarot. Born from 21 years of traditional witchcraft practice and Jessica Shaw's profound pathworking. This 79-card deck is not only a window into the psyche, it's a bridge to the esoteric.

Each card in The Pythonic Tarot is a testament to the power of the Dark Feminine. Meticulously illustrated with hand-painted watercolour art that took nearly half a decade to perfect. Jessica's passion for allegory, mythology, and the symbolism in botany and mysticism grace every card.  With an authenticity that resonates with seasoned tarot practitioners and novices alike.

Features & Benefits of The Pythonic Tarot:

  • Unique and Powerful: The deck is not a mere predictive tool but a spiritual guide for deep introspection and personal growth.
  • Craftsmanship: Hand-painted and filled with rich symbolism, every card tells a story five years in the making.
  • Dual Death Cards: Explore divergent interpretations with two distinct versions of Trump #13, DEATH.
  • Truthful Guidance: Designed to offer genuine insights, this deck is for the truth-seeker within you.
  • Comprehensive Guidebook: This 80-page guide is loaded with detailed card descriptions, symbolism signifiers, and directional keywords for upright and reversed positions.
  • Quality and Durability: Printed on 350gsm semi-gloss, satin finish cardstock, these cards are built to last through countless readings.
  • Enlightening and Incisive: While confronting the shadowy dimensions, this deck's "no-nonsense" nature helps seekers process intense situations positively.


  • Seventy-nine full-colour cards – Including two variations for Trump #13, DEATH, for an enriched tarot experience.
  • Full-colour tuck-box – Protect your deck and ensure it remains pristine between readings.
  • 80–page A5–size booklet—Expand your understanding with this detailed guidebook, which will serve as a close companion on your tarot journey.

The Pythonic Tarot is a catalyst for transformation. With Jessica Shaw's enchanting vision and your willingness to connect with the spiritual realm, this deck promises an insightful, authentic, and, above all, truthful tarot experience. Step beyond the veil and discover what lies ahead.

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