• The Poison Path Herbal

The Poison Path Herbal

Step into the magical realm of botanical witchery with The Poison Path Herbal by expert occultist Coby Michael.

This comprehensive guidebook invites you to safely explore the notorious yet powerful world of poisonous plants.

Expertly blending magic, healing, and visionary practices, The Poison Path Herbal invites you on a scholarly voyage through the witches' pharmacopoeia. Discover how historical spells and contemporary rituals harness the potent spirits enshrined in each plant.

Coby Michael illuminates this shadowy trail with the following:

  • Intricate Profiles: Immersive exploration of each plant. Including the notorious Nightshade family. Mandrake, Henbane, and Thornapple.
  • Alkaloids & Action: Scientifically unravel the plants' active components to understand their profound effects on the human psyche and body.
  • Astrological Insights: Grasp the cosmic connections of each herbarium member and their roles in historical concoctions.
  • Spiritual Symbolism: Engulf yourself in the rich symbolic tapestry woven from centuries of lore and practice.
  • Ritualistic Guidance: Learn to incorporate these entities in your magical practices with the wisdom of a seasoned practitioner guiding you.

Whether you aspire to expand your knowledge of esoteric herbalism or seek to deepen spiritual practices, The Poison Path Herbal offers a treasure trove of information. With safety as a priority, every turn of the page reveals how to handle these plants responsibly. Ensuring that your metaphysical explorations remain both enlightening and secure.

Every plant tells a story from the dark whispers of Wolfsbane to the silent strength of Hemlock and the sacred tears of Hellebore. The Poison Path Herbal is your guide to reading these tales, offering an alchemic key to unlock the potent energies they possess.

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  • 256 Pages
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