• The Path of the Witch

The Path of The Witch

Uncover the mysteries and practices of witchcraft with "The Path of the Witch" by Lidia Pradas.

Your comprehensive guide to exploring the many facets of the craft. With its elegant design and captivating illustrations, this book invites novices and seasoned practitioners to the enchanting world of witchcraft.

"The Path of the Witch" is a voyage into the heart of witchcraft, helping you find the path that resonates with your soul. Whether it's the whispers of greenery calling to you or the comforting clatter of pots and pans that stir your spirit. This guide is a beacon in discovering which witch you are.

  • Are you a Green Witch? Drawn to the magic of plants and herbs, healing, and earthy wisdom. Your apothecary awaits within these pages.
  • Do you find solace in the Kitchen Witch's haven? Explore the sacred art of cooking with intention. Learn to weave spellwork into your culinary creations.
  • Could you be a Hedge Witch? For those who traverse the liminal spaces and converse with the spirit realm. This guide illuminates the way.
  • Or perhaps you're an Eclectic Witch? When a singular path does not contain your diverse practices. Discover how to blend and personalize your witchcraft.

Through insightful descriptions, "The Path of the Witch" delineates various types of witches, detailing their unique gifts, abilities, and magical practices. Each section offers practical activities, rituals, and exercises that allow you to immerse yourself in each tradition

Don't just read about witchcraft, experience it. and honeDiscover your path your craft with "The Path of the Witch" by Lidia Pradas. Delve into the essence of your witchy calling and manifest the magic that awaits you.


  • A practical guide with various witchcraft paths.
  • Beautiful design and immersive illustrations.
  • Engaging practices and activities for self-exploration.
  • Inclusive insights are ideal for witches at any level of expertise.

Begin your magical expedition today and find where you belong in the tapestry of the witching realms. Your path is waiting.

  • Paperback
  • 176 Pages
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