• The Enchanted Forhaxa Tarot

The Enchanted FÖRHÄXA Tarot

Welcome to THE ENCHANTED FÖRHÄXA TAROT. Tarot like you've never experienced before.

Crafted by the hands of visionary artist MJ Cullinane. The creator behind the Crow Tarot. This 78-card deck and guidebook set invites you on an adventure.

Immerse yourself in a realm where the mystical meets the natural. A world coloured with the hues of fantasy and the ink of folklore.

Each card is a portal into the heart of what tarot reading embodies—self-discovery, intuition, and the dance between fate and our paths. With stunning imagery inspired by traditional Rider Waite Smith tarot. Each illustration is a story deeply rooted in Norse mythology, fairy tales, and nature's powerful elements.

Products Features:

  • A Tribute to Nature's Elements: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth replace the conventional suits. Creating a more profound connection to our environment and guiding spirits through nature's cycles.
  • Reverence for Elders: Traditional court cards are thoughtfully reimagined. Kings become Elders, linking us to wisdom from bygone eras, and an Emperor transforms into a Council of Monarchs, venerating collaborative leadership and ancestral enlightenment.
  • Visual Enchantment: Drawn into the FÖRHÄXA world, readers find themselves amid a contrast of shadow and light, where mermaids glide through water and woodland sprites whisper secrets meant only for your ears.
  • Cultural Alchemy: The word FÖRHÄXA captivates the essence of this tarot deck. A Swedish term for casting spells and weaving magic. Each reading is an incantation, a beckoning to go beyond the veil.
  • Guidebook Wisdom: Reflect upon the rich narratives and intuitive insights provided in the guidebook.

THE ENCHANTED FÖRHÄXA TAROT is a modern grimoire, an artifact, a touchstone that connects the past, present, and future through the tapestry of the natural and ethereal.

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