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Sif Goddess of Earth and Family Statue

Imbue your home with the divine presence of the Nordic legends with the striking Sif Goddess of Earth and Family Statue. Revered in Norse mythology as the golden-haired deity of wheat, fertility, and family, Sif is an emblem of eternal abundance and familial well-being.

This exquisitely designed bronze figurine captures the essence of the wife of Thor, depicting her not only as a nurturing force but also as a formidable protector in full Viking warrior armour.

Incorporate this majestic Sif Statue into your collection, and connect to the mighty powers of nurturing growth and the unyielding strength of family bonds. Whether you're a connoisseur of mythology, seeking an addition to your spiritual altar, or simply looking for a piece of art that harmonises beauty and meaning, the Sif Goddess of Earth and Family Statue is a treasure to own.

  • Inspired by Sif the Goddess of Earth and Family
  • Hand painted, Bronze finish Figurine
  • Cast in the finest resin
  • Size 22cm

Please note: The colours may vary form the screen image

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