Shakti Goddess Candle

Envelope your sanctuary in the divine aroma of the Shakti Goddess Candle, a meticulously crafted piece that transcends the ordinary sensory experience. Indulge in the ethereal blend of earthy sandalwood and exotic saffron that promises to calm the mind and soothe the soul.

Why Choose the Shakti Goddess Candle?

Eco-Friendly Elegance
Crafted with eco-conscious soy wax, this candle burns cleaner and longer, providing hours of fragrant bliss without compromising the environment. Soy wax is a renewable resource, ensuring that each candle is as good for Mother Earth as it is for your home.

Amber Glass Aesthetics
The amber glass jar protects the integrity of the fragrance and adds a touch of vintage charm to your decor. The warm hues of the glass create a mesmerising glow as the candle burns, reminiscent of the setting sun.

The Crackle of Wood
Our candles feature a wood wick that crackles as it burns, adding an auditory dimension to your aromatic adventure. The gentle sound resembles a miniature fireplace, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Fragrance that Transforms
The Sandalwood Saffron fragrance is not merely a scent but an experience. Revered in spiritual traditions for its grounding properties, sandalwood's rich notes blend seamlessly with saffron's slightly spicy, luxurious aroma. This unique combination is crafted to elevate your mood and create an ambience of serenity.

Perfect for:

  • Use in Ritual or Spell Work
  • Creating a relaxing atmosphere after a long day
  • Adding an aromatic flourish to meditation or yoga practice
  • Gifting to loved ones on special occasions
  • Enhancing home aesthetics with a sophisticated touch

In the glow of the Shakti Goddess Candle, find the essence of tranquillity and harmony. Bring one into your home and transform your living space into a haven of peacefulness. Indulge in the ritual of light and fragrance, and awaken your senses to the spirit of the Goddess within.


Important Note:

  • Always exercise caution when using any candle product.
  • Place your candle on a heatproof surface, as a hot candle may damage surfaces.
  • Keep out of high-traffic areas and away from children and pets.
  • The colour may vary from the screen image


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