• Roar Like a Goddess

Roar Like a Goddess

Roar Like a Goddess by Acharya Shunya

Roar Like a Goddess by Acharya Shunya ia a gateway to emancipation from the limiting beliefs and patriarchal bonds that have silently governed many lives. This is a manuscript for the modern woman ready to rediscover her divine feminine power through the ancient wisdom of progressive Vedic practices.

Discover Your Sovereignty
Acharya Shunya has used the techniques she presents in these pages to walk the path from restriction to liberation. In "Roar Like a Goddess," she lays the blueprint for a life of sovereignty. In this life, you are the ruler, the decision-maker, and the embodiment of grace, power, and wisdom.

Break Free with Decolonized Spirituality
This incisive book does not shy away from challenging tradition. Shunya returns to her Vedic roots and forges into a future where spirituality is decolonized. Stripped of misinterpretations and restored to its authentic, empowering essence. Readers are invited to break the shackles of outdated customs and step into a space where their spiritual practice is an authentic reflection of their inner truth.

For the Woman Who is Ready to Lead
Acharya Shunya speaks boldly to the woman ready to assume her rightful place as a leader in her own life. Through "Roar Like a Goddess," you'll be inspired to speak your truth, hold your ground, and step into your power with the poise of a deity.

  • Paperback
  • 288 Pages

Join countless others in discovering a sacred feminism reborn that honours its roots while fiercely advocating for the sovereign spirit of the contemporary woman. With "Roar Like a Goddess," the path to personal freedom and power is clear and exuberant.

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