• Realm Incense Cones

Realm Incense Cones

Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature with our handcrafted Realm Incense Cones.

Each set offers you ten meticulously created incense cones, imbued with the natural essence of Western Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum), the mystical Dragons Blood, and the warm, inviting fragrance of Amber.

  • A Marriage of Mind and Heart: The Realm incense is our homage to the harmonious union between mental clarity and emotional wisdom. It is purposefully crafted to strengthen your space with an aura of confidence while inviting a gentle sense of peace and compassion. This is not merely an incense but an experience – it is where realm meets reality.
  • Pure and Natural: Say goodbye to synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals. Our Realm Incense Cones are a testament to purity and simplicity. With no glues, artificial binders, or toxic materials – what burns is 100% plant material, letting you breathe in nature's authentic aromas without concern.
  • Sustainably Sourced, Ecologically Crafted: We believe in respecting the gifts of Mother Earth, and that's why all our ingredients are sustainably and ecologically harvested, ensuring that we're giving back to the environment just as much as we take. The traditional hand-making process further accentuates the essence of each ingredient, tuning in to the plant's inherent intelligence and bringing its full potential to the fore.
  • An Eternal Fragrance: Each cone is free from glues, artificial binders, essential oils, and artificial fragrances. The fragrance you experience is unadulterated and enduring, filling your surroundings with an aroma as timeless as it is therapeutic.
  • Create A Majestic Ambiance: Light up a Realm Incense Cone during ritual, meditation, yoga, or to adorn your day with a touch of sanctity. It's perfect for creating a sacred space to foster creativity, seek inspiration, or find inner peace.

Purchase your box of Realm Incense Cones today, and be a part of the syndicate that values authenticity, sustainability, and the sheer brilliance of nature's bounty.

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