Pure Magic Oracle

Step into the mystical with the Pure Magic Oracle cards by Andres Engracia. They were created to connect you with the profound healing and guiding powers of the elemental forces.

Breathtaking Visuals and Elemental Essence: Every card in this divinely curated 36-card deck pulsates with exquisite artwork. They are gateways, capturing the vibrant essence of the elements and transporting you to spiritual dimensions filled with healing and wisdom. A synergy of art and spirit beckons you to a higher level of consciousness and understanding. Opening doors to a universe where possibilities know no bounds.

Healing Power and Spiritual Connection:

Invoke the Pure Magic Oracle as your companion on life's path as it helps you:

  • Reconnect: Anchor your spirit into the nurturing bosom of Mother Earth. Feel the fertile touch of your ancestors and the gentle guidance of your spirit allies.
  • Rekindle: Ignite the flames of your passion and willpower. Rediscover and harness the force within you.
  • Recover: Retrieve the subtle whispers of your magic and psychic abilities. Sharpen them to interact with the world in a newfound light.
  • Remember: Unearth the footprints of your soul's purpose, rediscovering the map that charts your existential voyage through time and experience.

Essential Tool for Guidance: Whether you're navigating through challenging shadows or basking in triumphant light. The Pure Magic Oracle serves as a beacon of inspiration. Its wisdom guides you, gently aiding in self-discovery and self-realisation. Suitable for both novices to oracle readings and seasoned voyagers of the metaphysical plane, it's a versatile and insightful oracle deck that promises to become an intrinsic part of your personal and spiritual development.

Discover Infinite Consciousness: Your exploration of infinite consciousness begins here. Open yourself to an oracular experience with the Pure Magic Oracle, where each spread lays out a canvas of endless potential, whispering truths and setting spirits to sail on a quest towards enlightenment and harmony.

Elevate your spiritual practice, experience profound growth, and walk hand-in-hand with the wonders of creation as you hold power, wisdom, and beauty.

36 Card Deck.

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