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Psychic Ritual Potion Oil

Victorian Goddess Presents our NEW Psychic Ritual Potion Oil!

This is a potent ritual oil to apply before divination work. Psychic Potion has been created in ritual to amplify the magic in the oils and herbs so you can enter a meditative state.


Essential Oils: Mugwort, Clary sage, Blue Lotus, Rose, Patchouli in Sweet Almond base.

Herbs: Rose Petals, Mugwort & Patchouli

Crystal: Amethyst

Our Psychic Potion roll-on oil has been magickally created using natural ingredients. The herbs and oils used are all associated with vision, clarity, connection to spirit and protection. Use it as an anointing oil, in ritual, in a spell, or as a perfume.


Important Note:

  • Not for use while pregnant
  • Sensitivity testing is recommended
  • For external use only
  • Do Not drive a car or operate machinery for at least 3 hours after using this potion
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