• Practical Protection Magick

Practical Protection Magick

Practical Protection Magick by Ellen Dugan. 

Step into a realm where your energy thrives, and your resilience knows no bounds with Practical Protection Magick by Ellen Dugan. Your guide to tapping into the ancient wisdom of protecting oneself, this handbook is a treasure trove for those who wish to fortify their living space, uplift their mental fortitude, and sharpen their Craft.

Product Highlights:

  • Author Expertise: Best-selling author Ellen Dugan shares her wisdom, humour, and practical advice, making protection magick accessible to all.
  • Comprehensive Techniques: From psychic defence to shielding your sacred space, this book teaches various proactive strategies rooted in a balanced practice.
  • Practical Spells and Rituals: Detailed descriptions of potent spells and rituals designed to fend off a spectrum of opposing forces.
  • Psychic Self-Defence: Learn to set firm personal boundaries and develop an unshakeable sense of security.
  • Divination Diagnostics: Understand how to use divination tools to identify and resolve energetic and psychic issues.
  • Physical and Magickal Health: Advice on maintaining wellness on all planes—physical, psychic, and spiritual—for holistic harmony.

With her characteristic wit and depth of knowledge, Ellen Dugan provides an indispensable resource for seasoned practitioners and novices alike. Practical Protection Magick empowers you to assert control over your environment and harness your inherent powers.

Whether you're struggling to erect barriers against psychic vampirism, seeking spells to safeguard your home, or exploring ways to enhance your warrior archetype, this book delivers strategies and knowledge that integrate seamlessly into your daily routine and spiritual practice.

Safeguard your well-being, preserve your peace, and secure your domicile with Ellen Dugan's Practical Protection Magick—because your protection should be as practical as it is powerful.
Available now for all seekers of mystical mastery. Secure your copy and begin your venture into the magick of protection today!

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  • 240 Pages
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