• Plant Magic

Plant Magic

Plant Magic by Sandra Kynes – Unearth the Secrets of Nature's Potent Powers

Elevate Your Connection with Nature.

Your comprehensive guide to harnessing the magical energies of garden, wild, and household plants. This book is a treasure trove for the spiritually curious, novice herbalists, and seasoned practitioners alike.

Attune with the Cycles of the Year
Unveil the capacity of plants to deepen your connection with nature's cycles. 'Plant Magic provides an insightful and detailed exploration of plants that resonate with the sabbats on the Wheel of the Year and the significant intervals between them.

A Year of Plant Magic at Your Fingertips
Join the author on an enchanting 12-month journey, with important dates and a dedicated focus on plant energies that align with each month. Expand your knowledge with detailed information on various botanicals integral to your magical practices.

Cultivate Rituals and Spells
Sow the seeds of your magical intentions with plant-based rituals designed to celebrate the turning of the seasons. From crafting incense to invoke love and abundance to adorning your altar with vibrant petals, each page leads you through many activities to intertwine your spirit with the green world.

Learn Through Lore, Recipes, and More
Immerse in the rich lore intricately woven with practical knowledge. Whether crafting potent spells, engaging in seasonal celebrations, or utilising herbs for divinatory insights, 'Plant Magic' is a resource for those looking to enact their will through the Earth's vegetative bounty.

An Essential Companion for Your Spiritual Pathway
With this book as your guide, each step on your spiritual path will be lush with verdant knowledge and growth. Engage with its lore, recipes, and spells to manifest a life in sync with the earthly and celestial tides, nurturing your inherent connection to all things magical and plant-based.

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