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Pagan Portals - Sekhmet

Immerse yourself in ancient mysticism and unravel the compelling saga of Sekhmet. The powerful and revered Egyptian Goddess. Olivia Church's "Pagan Portals—Sekhmet" is a riveting exploration of an entity that has captivated the imaginations of historians, believers, and spiritual seekers alike.

  • Discover the Incarnation of Female Power: Uncover the tale of Sekhmet,. The lioness Goddess who embodies the dualities of healer and destroyer, protection, and devastation.
  • Egyptological Expertise Meets Contemporary Wisdom: Olivia Church delivers a meticulously researched account that blends solid Egyptological knowledge with modern Pagan viewpoints.
  • A Journey Through Time and Myth: From Sekhmet's earliest mentions in the annals of Egyptian history to her extant relevance in contemporary practice, this guide chronicles the evolution of worship and veneration for one of history’s most formidable deities.
  • Access to Academic and Spiritual Insights:Gain insights into the rituals, symbolism, and significance of Sekhmet's lore. This book acts as a bridge, transporting readers from scholarly research to the personal encounters and experiences of those who walk the Pagan path today.
  • Embrace Rich Imagery and Fierce Narrative:"Pagan Portals—Sekhmet" is more than just a recounting of historical facts. It is depicting the Goddess's ferocity and mercy, which have held sway over millennia.

Whether you are a passionate follower of the Goddess Sekhmet, an admirer of Egyptian mythology, or someone who seeks to expand their understanding of ancient deities, "Pagan Portals - Sekhmet" offers a heartfelt invitation to explore the depths of ancient wisdom, resilience, and power.

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