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Pagan Portals - Seeking the Primal Goddess

Immerse yourself in the realms of Ancient Deities and Maternal worship with "Pagan Portals: Seeking the Primal Goddess". Written by Melusine Draco, this book explores the deep-rooted beliefs that have sculpted spiritual practices and primal worship throughout history.

Key Features:

  • Insightful Archaeological Exploration: Understand the movements of ancient civilisations through meticulously researched archaeological and mythological evidence.
  • Tracing Mitochondrial Echoes: Learn how mitochondrial DNA has potentially safeguarded the belief systems of Old Europe. Offering us glimpses into the ancestral veneration of the Great Mother.
  • Challenging Modern Perceptions: Engage with thought-provoking analysis that compares contemporary Pagan understandings of the Great Mother with those of ancient times.
  • Discovery of Primal Roots: Ponder the possibility of a spiritual gene linking us to our distant forebears and the primal deities they revered.
  • Ancestral Memories and Identities: Delve into the profound questions of whether our intrinsic natures are shaped by the racial and spiritual memories encoded within us.

In "Pagan Portals: Seeking the Primal Goddess", Melusine Draco provides a meticulously researched narrative that invites you to learn about the past and introspect on the essence of your present beliefs. Explore the philosophical and spiritual implications of a connection to a primal goddess. One that may have been etched into our beings since immemorial.

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  • 96 Pages
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