Ostara Goddess of Spring and Dawn Statue

Celebrate the renewing spirit of spring with the magnificent Ostara Goddess of Spring and Dawn Statue, an embodiment of nature's awakening and the hopeful promise of new beginnings. Each detail crafted in this statue is a tribute to Ostara, the revered Germanic Goddess, who has long been honoured through festive dances around the birch tree from the Spring Equinox to Beltane.

Key Features:

  • Goddess Representation: Ostara stands tall, exuding grace and poise in a long, flowing dress cascading around her like spring's first gentle whispers.
  • Inspiring Symbolism: Her outstretched hand delicately holds a small bunch of red roses, symbolizing the rich fertility and growth of the warmer months ahead.
  • Peaceful Companionship: Nestled peacefully at her feet, a hare sits surrounded by red flowers—a scene that captures the serenity of dawn.
  • Finest Craftsmanship: This statue is not merely a figurine but a piece of art cast in the finest resin, ensuring durability and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Bronze Finish: Expertly finished in bronze, the statue offers an antique allure, making it a timeless addition to any collection.
  • Perfect Size: Measuring up to 26.5cm, this statue is the ideal altar centrepiece.

Invite the spirit of Ostara into your home and allow the Goddess of Spring and Dawn to reign over your space with beauty, elegance, and an eternal promise of renewal. This exquisite bronze figurine is a daily reminder of rebirth and the splendour each day's beginning holds. It is more than a decorative piece—a celebration of history, a work of art paying homage to ancient traditions.

Please Note:

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