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Oracle of Heaven and Hell

Dive into a world of infernal and divine powers with the Oracle of Heaven and Hell deck, created by renowned author Travis McHenry. 

This unique oracle deck consists of 72 cards, each depicting a goetic demon alongside the Kabbalistic angel that rules over them. The cards also showcase the summoning sigils of the spirits and include astrological meanings for straightforward interpretation.


  • Unique Combination: Each card in this deck seamlessly blends infernal and divine energies. Offering a dual perspective on each spirit.
  • Astrological Meanings: The astrological significance of each spirit is printed on the card, aiding in intuitive readings.
  • Positive and Negative Meanings: Every card presents a positive and negative interpretation for a holistic view of the situation.
  • Eastern Symbolism: Drawing inspiration from yin-yang philosophy, the cards showcase the balance between light and shadow.

Product Benefits

  • Guidance and Divination: Whether you seek insight into your past, present, or future, the Oracle of Heaven and Hell offers profound guidance and divination.
  • Holistic Perspectives: Embrace the dual nature of existence and gain a deeper understanding of life's complexities through the dual meanings of each card.

Unlock the realms of Heaven and Hell and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with Travis McHenry's Oracle of Heaven and Hell. Let the cards guide you through the dualities of existence and reveal the hidden truths that lie within.

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