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  • Moon Magick by DJ Conway

Moon Magick

Discover the Mysteries of the Moon: Embark on a spiritual voyage with 'Moon Magick' – your ultimate guide to uncovering the lunar cycle's secret rhythms and latent energy.

In Harmony with the Cosmos: Crafted for those who feel the call of the celestial. This insightful book illuminates the Moon's subtle influence on our energy levels and psyche.

A Journey Through the Lunar Year: Expertly penned by renowned author D.J. Conway, 'Moon Magick' is a faithful companion as you explore the unique energy associated with each of the 13 lunar months. Whether you find yourself invigorated for new ventures or drawn towards peaceful reflection.  These pages will show you how to align your spirit with the natural ebb and flow of the lunar tides.

  • Rituals and Celebrations: Delve into 79 contemporary Pagan rituals harmonising with the Moon's energy. 
  • A Rich Tapestry of Lunar Lore: Savour a collection of seasonal recipes, imaginative decorations, and meaningful crafts that reflect the essence of each lunar cycle. Dedicated lunar meditations, spells, and lore that open a gateway to profound self-discovery.
  • Explore Mythology and Symbolism: Traverse the ancient pathways of Moon mythology. Learn about lunar correspondences and symbols, and connect with deities through Goddesses & Gods enshrined in history and meaningful holidays.
  • Praise for Moon Magick: Acclaimed as "a varied and rich collection of lore, recipes, and activities." Moon Magick is not merely a book but a celebration of lunar mystery and practical magick. Its praise speaks to the heart of any reader seeking to wield the Moon's power gracefully.
  • Align Yourself with Nature's Power: With Moon Magick as your guide, you can unlock the cyclic secrets of natural energy flows. 

Step into the luminescent glow of the Moon and transform your life with Moon Magick – where ancient wisdom meets modern Pagan practice. Your passage to a more emotionally, physically, and spiritually fulfilling life awaits.

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  • 320 pages
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