• Moldavite Oil

Moldavite Oil

PotionsMoldavite oil is a Powerful Amplifier that can be used in any magickal workings to add extra energy.

How to use Moldavite Oil

  • Dress candles (always exercise caution when burning candles)
  • Add a drop or two to your incense blend
  • A few drops in an Oil Burner
  • A few drops to a charcoal disk

Moldavite is one of the highest vibration crystals you can get. It is a crystal found in the Czech Republic formed due to a Meteorite impacting Earth. Moldavite is used for Abundance, Luck, Universal Connection, Intuition, Psychic Ability, Motivation & Healing.

This Oil is made by combining a piece of Moldavite with high vibrational essential oils and base oil. Each bottle contains a piece of Moldavite. We created this batch during a thunderstorm, which has amplified its energy so much more. The moon was waxing, which will add to growth and abundance use.

Caution: Use small amounts of this oil, and do not use it in your sleeping space.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY This oil is not safe for use on your skin


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