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Magickal Herb Oracle

Unearth the spiritual essence and harness the ancient wisdom of botanicals with the enchanting Magickal Herb Oracle.

This unique oracle deck guides you through the universe of herbal magick, each card infused with the secrets and lore of time-honoured herbs.

Created by the renowned botanical expert and visionary artist Cheralyn Darcey, in collaboration with the artistic talents of Deer Dandy (Céline Le Nezet). These cards represent a synergy between nature's beauty and mystic knowledge.

What's inside:

  • Enigmatic Wisdom of Thirty-Six Herbs: The Magickal Herb Oracle is a collection of thirty-six exquisite cards, each depicting a beloved herb with meticulous detail. The botanical illustrations are a visual feast for the eyes and a reservoir of knowledge.
  • Rituals and Readings for the Modern Mystic: Whether you are a novice to magic or a seasoned practitioner. These cards are designed to inspire your daily rituals. Unveil powerful enchantments, harness the art of spell-casting for everyday use, or immerse yourself in traditional oracle readings. Find answers to your most profound questions, guidance for your life path, or a supportive message from the natural world.
  • Expertly Researched, Artistically Rendered: Cheralyn Darcey's extensive research into the magickal and traditional uses of each herb has been transformed into visually stunning and spiritually resonant works by Deer Dandy. Ensuring that every flip of a card is a step deeper into nature's unseen realms.
  • A Tool for Empowerment and Enlightenment: The Magickal Herb Oracle is designed for those seeking to forge a deeper connection with nature's gems and tap into their profound wisdom. It is an empowering tool for self-discovery, meditation, and divine interaction.
  • A Jewel in Your Spiritual Collection: Elegantly packaged and ready to adorn any bookshelf or altar. 

Enhance your spiritual practice, expand your knowledge, and connect with the age-old wisdom of herbs. Add the Magickal Herb Oracle to your collection, and step into a world where nature's magic breathes life into your everyday existence.

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