• Magicians Martyrs and Madmen Tarot

Magicians, Martyrs and Madmen Tarot

Step into a world where history merges with the magical. Where saints stand shoulder-to-shoulder with sinners and prophets peer into the past. Introducing the MAGICIANS, MARTYRS AND MADMEN TAROT, an 80-card deck that redefines the boundaries of the tarot experience.

Crafted by the insightful Travis McHenry. This tarot deck is a homage to history's macabre and miraculous influencers. It serves not just as a tool for divination but as a conduit to connect with the enigmatic figures who have weaved their magic into the tapestry of history.

Why Choose this Tarot Deck?

  • Diverse and Inclusive Imagery: Our deck celebrates inclusivity, featuring a mosaic of genders, races, cultures, ages, body types, and sexual orientations.
  • Unique Historical Figures: Discover a kaleidoscope of characters from the notorious Aleister Crowley to the lesser-known yet equally compelling African magician Ngongo Lutete.
  • Original Artwork: Each card is a canvas graced with Christin Gottberg's singular artwork. The portraits instil the essence of historical figures with an intertwining of tarot symbolism.
  • Cultural Richness: This tarot deck draws personalities from across the globe. Offering a piece of magic as boundless as the Earth.
  • Spiritual Depth: It's is a bridge to the spiritual legacies left by witches, murderers, saints, cannibals, and prophets alike.

The MAGICIANS, MARTYRS, AND MADMEN TAROT is an odyssey through time. An exploration of humanity's shadow and light, a study coloured in the hues of history's most vibrant yet veiled personas.

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