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Mabon Autumn Equinox Candle

Embrace the balance and bounty of the season with our Autumn Equinox Mabon Candle. A meticulous blend of rich bergamot citrus and warming clove envelops you, manifesting an aura of harmony and gratitude in your sacred space.

Autumn Equinox Mabon Candle

  • Size: 150g
  • Container: Amber glass jar, providing a warm glow with every burn.
  • Wax: High-quality soy wax promising a clean, long-lasting, and eco-friendly burn.
  • Wood Wick: Lightly crackling wood wick to add to the ambience
  • Purpose: Specially crafted as a Sabbat candle to celebrate the second harvest festival.
  • Use: Ideal for enriching your spells or rituals, enhancing the energy of Mabon.

Illuminated by the gentle fire of our Autumn Equinox, Mabon Candle, let your meditations, affirmations, and reflections grow deep - just like the roots of an ancient oak. This hand-poured candle is your ideal companion, whether giving thanks, setting intentions, or simply seeking a serene ambience.

By selecting soy wax, we've embraced an ethos of sustainability, respecting our shared earth. This natural, biodegradable choice burns cleaner and longer than traditional waxes. It's a choice that honours both the recipient and the environment.

Set within a vintage feel amber glass jar, our Mabon Candle fills your home with its warm fragrance. It is a stylish addition to your autumnal decor. Once the candle has fulfilled its purpose, the jar can be repurposed as a storage option or a vessel for creative reimagining.

Let the Autumn Equinox Mabon Candle illuminate your path to equilibrium as the wheel of the year turns, carrying echoes of summer's warmth into the embrace of the approaching winter.


  • Always exercise caution when using any candle product.
  • Place your candle on a heatproof surface, as a hot candle may damage surfaces.
  • Keep out of high traffic areas and away from children and pets.
  • The colour may vary from the screen image
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