• Human Spirit Oracle

Human Spirit Oracle

Introducing the "Human Spirit Oracle" by Jena DellaGrottaglia. This mesmerising deck offers a deep and visually rich exploration of our collective soul.

Uncover wisdom and receive guidance with this remarkably artistic oracle. The cards seek to illuminate personal pathways and inspire a global shift through kindness, compassion, and interconnectedness.

Features of the Human Spirit Oracle:

  • Intricate and Vibrant Artwork: Each card in the deck is a tapestry of bold, radiant colours paired with abstract and symbolic designs that spark the imagination and call for introspection.
  • Reflection of Universal Human Experience: The carefully curated images inspire you to consider the myriad facets of humanity. Touching upon core themes that bind us all, from love and joy to struggle and growth.
  • A Catalyst for Collective Consciousness: Beyond personal use, this oracle aims to forge a dialogue about our shared existence. Prompting users to think about how they can contribute to the world's collective wisdom and well-being.
  • Thoughtfully Designed for Deep Divination: Crafted for novice diviners and seasoned spiritual explorers. The deck is a conduit for self-transformation and a mirror reflecting our joint human story.
  • Engagement with the Abstract: The cards' abstract nature opens them to interpretation. Encouraging a personal connection with the artwork and the insights it reveals.

The "Human Spirit Oracle" is for anyone who yearns for tools of change that affect not just the self but our whole society. With each card, Jena DellaGrottaglia has poured her heart into creating a bridge between art and divination. Catalysing a profound experience that's both personal and pervasively universal.

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