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Herbal Magick

Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwich

Revised and updated

Step into the verdant realm of practical magic with 'Herbal Magick' by Gerina Dunwich. An enchanting trove of botanical secrets and wisdom, this book is a must-have for novices and seasoned practitioners alike on the path of the green witch.

Discover the Power of Plants

Herbal Magick is a comprehensive guide to the mystical properties of roots, flowers, leaves, and bark. It pairs enriching knowledge of plant lore with tangible spells that can be woven into your day-to-day life. You can unlock the secrets hidden in the natural world and harness them to fulfil your desires.

A Tapestry of Herbal Wisdom

From the insightful foreword by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, the author of The Green Witch, to the detailed historical references, 'Herbal Magick' is a testament to the rich lineage of herbal tradition. Gerina Dunwich, a prominent expert and prolific author, provides a potent collection of learnings.

Spellbinding Features:

  • Historical & Magickal Lore: Delve deep into the enchanting history of herbs and their use in magic throughout the ages.
  • Practical Spells & Enchantments: Access easy-to-follow instructions for spells that cater to many purposes.
  • Rich Knowledge for All Levels: Whether just beginning your path or looking to deepen advanced practices, find content that will guide and inspire your herbal craft.
  • Dual Reference Book: This is not only an engaging read but also a valuable tool. Combining the aspects of an herbal and a grimoire for a 360-degree approach to plant magick.
  • Eco-Friendly Print: It is printed on sustainable materials to honour the natural subject matter, with careful consideration for our Earth.

Transform your relationship with nature and understand how every plant carries unique energy. Allow 'Herbal Magick' to be your companion as you explore the enchanting world of herbal arts and craft spells that carry the whispers of the ancient ones.

Ignite your innate connection to the Earth's gifts. Unearth the mysteries that bloom beneath your feet and within your very spirit. Add 'Herbal Magick' to your library today and watch as your magickal practice flourishes under the guidance of nature's timeless wisdom.

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