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Hathor Goddess Statue

Behold the stunningly crafted Hathor Goddess Statue! This beautiful sculpture is made with an expertly detailed bronze finish. It depicts the goddess Hathor in her human form, complete with her iconic horned headdress with a solar disc.

Hathor, a beloved goddess in ancient Egyptian mythology, was renowned for her beauty, power, and nurturing nature. Her presence brought joy, love, and protection to all who worshipped her. This enchanting statue captures the essence of Hathor perfectly. It is a must-have for any collector of religious or historical artifacts.

Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, this statue showcases Hathor's graceful poses and intricate headdress in the most exquisite manner possible. The bronze finish adds an extra layer of majesty to this extravagant piece of art, making it a remarkable addition to any home or altar.

This Hathor Goddess Statue is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates fine art and the splendour of ancient mythology or for those who worship or work with this ancient deity.

  • High quality
  • Bronze finish
  • 40cm tall
  • Fine cast resin

Colour may vary from the screen image.

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