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Goddess Stories

Unlock an empowering realm of divine femininity with Goddess Stories by Alison Davies, the exquisite compilation where mythology meets modernity.

This remarkable book beckons you to explore the lives and legends of 45 goddesses. From the ancient world to contemporary figures of inspiration. Every page turned is a step closer to tapping into the bountiful wisdom and strength these timeless icons embody.

Key Features of Goddess Stories:

  • Discover Time-honoured Tales: Journey through the narratives of goddesses such as the Norse beauty Freya, the radiant Eostre, and the compassionate Guan Yin. Each story is carefully curated to celebrate the power of femininity and its influence through the ages.
  • Inspirational Guidance for Every Aspect of Life: Whether it's matters of the heart or quests for personal growth, these goddesses offer their unique insights. Their stories provide counsel and support tailored to every situation, from cultivating love to enhancing fertility.
  • Breathtaking Artwork: Each goddess's tale is paired with a striking illustration that captures her essence and power. 
  • Rituals for Empowerment: Its pages include rituals designed to help you channel the energy of each goddess. With practical steps and clear instructions. You'll connect with their timeless strength and make it a part of your daily life.
  • A Commitment to Self-Discovery: Goddess Stories goes beyond mere storytelling by enabling readers to recognise and harness the innate power within themselves. It stands as an invitation to personal transformation and self-empowerment.

Goddess Stories is more than a book; it's a companion and a guide. Perfect for those seeking to enrich their well-being and walk the path of girl power. Experience the magic within these pages and allow the goddesses to guide you to a life of passion, purpose, and empowerment.
Bring home this sanctuary of spirituality and self-realisation, and start living your best life with the enduring wisdom of the goddesses. Goddess Stories awaits your curiosity and offers the keys to unlocking your inner potential.


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