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Gaia Goddess of Earth

Introducing the exquisite Gaia Goddess of Earth Statue. This captivating figure pays the perfect homage to Gaea, the illustrious Mother of Life, who is revered across cultures for her boundless generosity and crucial role in the mythologies of creation.

Each statue is meticulously crafted from fine cast resin, achieving a level of detail that brings the essence of Gaea to vibrant life. Adorned with butterflies and blossoms that entwine through her flowing hair, this piece captures the intrinsic connection between the Earth Goddess and the thriving nature she lovingly fosters.

This masterpiece's core is the representation of Gaea's pregnant belly, supporting an Earth. This powerful symbolism honours her as the bringer of life and is a daily reminder of the Earth's fertility and the importance of nurturing our environment.

The Gaia Goddess of Earth statue is expertly finished in bronze, giving it a lustrous and timeless appeal. Whether placed on your altar, on a mantle, or in your sacred space, the Gaia Goddess of Earth Statue radiates a sense of groundedness.

This symbol is a tribute to life's phases, mirroring the cycle of growth, nurturing, and rebirth that Gaea herself embodies.

  • High Quality
  • 17.5cm
  • Bronze Finish

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