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Felis Cat

Introducing the mystical allure of the Felis Cat Figurine, a must-have ornament for the feline enthusiast with a penchant for the celestial.

From the exquisite collection of Nemesis Now, this enchanting figurine captures the spirit of the night sky with its sleek black coat adorned with glistening gold stars and crescent moons.

Every inch of the Felis Cat has been thoughtfully crafted, with stars and moons that bring the cosmos to your living room. Standing at an impressive 26cm, this statue is a substantial and eye-catching piece.

Cast in high-quality resin, the Felis Cat promises durability and steadfastness, akin to the loyal nature of a trusty feline companion. Its surface is then hand-painted, highlighting the intricate details and ensuring that each figurine possesses its unique charm.
Nestle, the Felis Cat Figurine atop your mantlepiece, altar, bookshelf, or desk, infuse your space with magic. It's more than just a decorative item; it's a vessel for wonder, a tribute to the enigmatic beauty of cats and the timeless elegance of the night sky combined into one striking ornament.

Welcome the Felis Cat into your home and indulge in the fusion of art and astronomy, celebrating the surreal and the sublime with this magnificent piece.

Features at a Glance:

  • Enigmatic black cat figurine by Nemesis Now.
  • It is decorated with gold stars and moon patterns.
  • Skillfully hand-painted.
  • Cast from high-quality resin.
  • Generous 26cm size for an impactful visual statement.
  • $69.90
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