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  • Blue Topaz Pentagram Pendant
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Faceted Blue Topaz Vine Leaf Pendant

We present this one-of-a-kind Faceted Blue Topaz Pentagram Vine leaf pendant!

Handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, this high quality sterling silver pendant is sure to impress. The sparkling faceted Blue Topaz brings the perfect element of luxury while the pentagram vine leaf represents protection and connection.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Faceted Blue Topaz
  • 4cm long
  • High-quality


Price is for pendant only. Colour may vary from the screen image.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is not only admired for its beauty and rarity, but it also has a range of metaphysical properties. The gemstone is believed to carry a diverse range of benefits.

One of the most popular metaphysical properties of blue topaz is its power to promote communication and self-expression. It is said to encourage people to speak their minds openly without feeling nervous or shy. Blue topaz helps to clear blockages in the throat chakra, allowing for a more assertive and confident communication style.

Furthermore, blue topaz has a calming influence on emotions, making it an excellent stone for those prone to anxiety or stress. It helps to balance the emotions, allowing for a more peaceful state of mind.

Blue topaz is also said to boost creativity and enhance psychic abilities. The stone is believed to stimulate the imagination, allowing individuals to bring forward new ideas and concepts. It can also enhance intuition, helping individuals to connect more deeply with their inner selves and the spiritual realm.

Physically, blue topaz is said to have a healing effect on the throat and the thyroid gland. It is also thought to help with digestive issues and boost overall metabolism by improving liver and gallbladder functioning.

In summary, blue topaz symbolises communication, creativity, and inner peace. Its metaphysical properties make it a versatile and beneficial stone for many individuals seeking to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


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