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Deep, Dark & Dangerous Oracle

Dive into the depths of shadow work with the Deep, Dark & Dangerous Oracle by Stacey DeMarco. 

This unique deck of 44 cards featuring famous and rare entities of the dark, from Medusa to mermaids, offers a chance to explore the sacred duality of light and dark for guidance and divination.

Deep, Dark & Dangerous Oracle Features

  • 44 Cards: Featuring famous and rare entities of the dark. Including Medusa, The Morrigan, Kali, mermaids, banshees, and selkies.
  • Illuminate Your Life: Explore the beauty and power of darkness to receive more complete guidance in a world that often values only the light.
  • Divine Wholeness: Discover how embracing the monsters and things that scare us can lead us to divine wholeness and balance.
  • 128-Page Book: Accompanied by a detailed book providing insights and interpretations for each card.

Product Benefits

  • Guidance and Divination: Use these cards to delve deeper into your divination practice and receive profound guidance.
  • Sacred Duality: Understand and balance the duality of dark and light within yourself.
  • Illumination: Let the entities of the dark illuminate your life and provide deeper insights into your path.
  • Self-Exploration: Explore the depths of your psyche and uncover hidden truths through these powerful archetypes.

Embrace the power of darkness and light with the Deep, Dark & Dangerous Oracle. Let these cards guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and illumination. Order now and unlock the mysteries of the deep, dark, and dangerous.

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