Danu Goddess Candle

Inroducing our exquisite Danu Goddess Candle.

Each flicker of its flame is a silent homage to the Earth's nurturing spirit and flourishing beauty, carefully encapsulated in the delicate aromas of white lily and rose.

Crafted for aesthetic pleasure and spiritual significance, this candle comprises 150g of pure soy wax, ensuring a clean, toxin-free burn that respects your sacred space and the environment.

Encased in an elegant amber glass jar, the Danu Goddess Candle creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and reverence, perfect for peaceful reflection or as an integral part of your meditation and rituals.

Key Features:
  • Honouring Tradition: Celebrate the divine femininity of Danu, the Irish mother goddess.
  • Luxurious Fragrance: A harmonious blend of white lily and rose, this candle releases a fragrance that is as divine as it is soothing.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with soy wax, it's a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious.
  • Perfect Size: At 150g, it's substantial enough to last but sized for any space.
  • Stylish Presentation: The amber glass jar not only protects the integrity of the wax but adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your decor.
Welcoming the Danu Goddess Candle into your home means creating a space imbued with love, femininity, and the nurturing power of nature. Light yours as a focal point for meditation, in ritual, during a relaxing bath, or to fill your living space with the divine fragrance.
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