Ceremony Incense Cones

Escape into the sacred aroma of the forests with our Ceremony Incense Cones by Tribe Earth, meticulously handcrafted to deliver an authentic experience of tranquility and spiritual cleansing.

Crafted using the revered Peruvian Palo Santo, each of the 8 incense cones is a testament to the purity and simplicity of 100% plant material. Unlike ordinary incense, our cones are free from glues, artificial binders, and synthetic fragrances, ensuring that every note of fragrance is as nature intended.

Ceremony Incense Cones offer:

  • Authentic Palo Santo Aroma: With Bursera graveolens as the prime ingredient, indulge in the wood's natural, intoxicating fragrance that has been cherished for centuries in sacred rituals and meditation practices.
  • Handmade Quality: Artisanship meets intent as each cone is carefully made by hand, preserving the integrity and potency of the botanicals.
  • Sustainably Sourced: Directly traded from Northern Peru, our ingredients are harvested with ecological mindfulness, affirming our commitment to the planet and preserving the Palo Santo tradition.
  • Plant Intelligence: Prepared with deep respect for the natural wisdom of herbs, to amplify the therapeutic and spiritual benefits inherent to Palo Santo.

Supporting Local Communities: By partnering with local farmers who implement a strict forestry diary and actively establish sustainable plantations, we ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy this sacred wood.

With each burn, our Ceremony Incense Cones invite you to a moment of inner peace, while also contributing to a cycle of sustainability and respect for the earth. Embark on a journey of introspection and harmony, surrounded by the pure essence of nature's bounty.

Embrace the spirit of the forest—bring home your Ceremony Incense Cones today.

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