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Brass Pentacle Altar Bell

Introducing the exquisite Brass Pentacle Altar Bell – the quintessential addition to your sacred space.

High quality brass, this bell resonates with clarity and purity, becoming an integral tool for your spiritual practice.

Standing at a height of 13cm, this altar bell is functional and a visually stunning piece, exquisitely designed to embody the element of air. The bell serves as a conduit for channelling positive energies and dispelling negative ones, assisting you in clearing your mind and surroundings for focused meditation or ritual work.

Adorned with an etched pentacle, the Brass Pentacle Altar Bell aligns with the five elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. This embodiment of universal connectivity is integral to practices honouring these fundamental aspects of life.

The tactile sensation of the bell's solid brass construction provides a grounding force, whilst its vibrations, upon ringing, cut through silence and stagnation. Ideal for practices like spellwork, energy clearing, and ceremonial use, the bell's sound invites divine attention and enhances the flow of spiritual energies.

Perfectly sized to sit upon your altar, the Brass Pentacle Altar Bell does not impose but complements your array of magical tools and symbols. Its timeless material and construction ensure durability and a lasting resonance through many cycles of the moon and seasons of the sun.

  • Brass
  • 13cm high
  • High-quality
  • $29.90
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